Wild Cherry Cough Syrup


This recipe is based on an old recipe found in the National Formulary called “Compound White Pine Syrup” or “Syrupus Pini Albae Compositus”.
The Wild Cherry bark, White Pine bark and Poplar bark are all readily available locally. The other ingredients may need to be purchased from an herb supply company.Cherry Leaves
Osha is an immune enhancing herb much like Echinacea; also known as Bear Root. It only gorws at altitudes above 10,000 feet. Spikenard is in the Ginseng family and can be found locally in damp woodlands; you can substitute Ginseng if Spikenard is unavailable.

½ cup Wild Cherry bark
½ cup Osha root
½ cup White Pine bark
¼ cup Spikenard (or Ginseng)
¼ cup Poplar bark
1 Tbsp Bloodroot

1. Mix all the roots and barks together.
2. Simmer gently in 2 quarts of water until reduced to about half the liquid.
3. Strain out all the herb matter.
At this point you should have about one quart of a very strong, intense brew called a decoction.

4. Put this tea back into a clean cooking pot and add:
4 cups sugar (sorry!)
2 tsp almond extract
2 cups fruit juice concentrate
(Note: I use my wild juices for the concentrate, such as Wild Cherry juice, Elderberry juice, which is anti-viral, or Black Raspberry juice. You could also use the Black Cherry concentrate that is sold on the market or frozen juice concentrate.)
5. Simmer gently again until reduced to about one pint for a rich, thick, delicious syrup.
Wild Cherry BarkDosage is 1 Tbsp for adults as needed or 1 tsp for children.