Local Herbs

One of the most exciting and promising trends in the whole foods movement today is the local foods movement. I was first introduced to it at the Wild Food Summit on the White Earth reservation in May, where I met a group of people that had made a one year commitment to eating only foods … Continue reading Local Herbs


Industrial Herbalism

The dawn of the 21st century finds health and healthcare in a remarkable dichotomy. On the one hand we have exponential growth in medical technology, cutting edge surgery, new and improved wonder drugs and scientific breakthroughs in medical research every day. On the other hand we are seeing epidemics of new modern-day diseases like diabetes, … Continue reading Industrial Herbalism

Herbal Vinegars

Herbal vinegars are an excellent way to preserve the goodness of nutritious, tonic herbs and to create a valuable nutritional supplement.  The herbal vinegars I’m talking about are not the culinary vinegars made with a few sprigs of kitchen herbs like rosemary or thyme, but are concentrated herbal formulas using nutrient-dense herbs and wild foods … Continue reading Herbal Vinegars

Herbal Vinegars Part 2: Choosing Your Materials

Choosing Your Vinegar There are several kinds of vinegar on the market these days.  There’s balsamic, wine vinegars, rice vinegars and malt vinegars among others.  While it might be fun to experiment with different flavors, colors and concoctions, for all practical purposes apple cider vinegar is the vinegar of choice for most home-brewed herbal vinegars. … Continue reading Herbal Vinegars Part 2: Choosing Your Materials