Red Clover Recipes Part 2

Red Clover Rice 2 cups rice, brown or wild 2 cups Red Clover flowerettes, plucked out of the flowerheads ½ cup butter 1 tsp salt 1. Cook rice in 6 cups water until done. 2. While the rice is still hot, mix in Clover flowers, butter and salt. 3. Serve hot. You could add a … Continue reading Red Clover Recipes Part 2


Red Clover Recipes

RED CLOVER RECIPES Red Clover Infusion I drink tonic infusions cold, only rarely warming or heating them. I try to drink tea whenever I am thirsty rather than plain water. 1. Put ½-1 cup dried red clover into a quart mason jar. {Fresh herbs need to be simmered gently right in the water for a … Continue reading Red Clover Recipes